Audio Files: Packing a Backpack

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “Packing a backpack.”

School item nouns and noun forms

English Tlingit Audio English Tlingit Audio
 Noun     Possessive form    
School items At wuskóowu jishagóoni Her school items Du at wuskóowu jishagóonióowu-jishagóoni-Her-school-items.mp3
Backpack Yáanaa      
gym shoes Jiw téeli your sneakers I jiw téeli
Tissue X’úx’ lugwénaa Our tissue Haa x’úx’ lugwéinayi
Notebook/paper A ká kdushxít x’úx’u Your book/paper I ká kdushxít x’úx’u
Scissors Kaashaxáshaa My scissors Ax kaashaxáshayi
homework Neildéi yéi jineiyí your homework I neildéi yéi jineiyí
homework folder Neildéi yéi jineiyí x’úx’ daakeit my homework folder Ax neilídei yéi jineiyí x’úx’ daakeidí
Pencil Kooxéedaa our pencils Haa kooxéedayi
marker Néegwál’ kooxéedaa her markers Du néegwál’ kooxéedayi
colored pencils Kawlisek’u kooxéedaa my colored pencils Ax kawlisek’u kooxéedayi
crayons Néis’ kooxéedayi our crayons Haa néis’ kooxéedayi
table wipes Nadáakw kagwénaa our table wipes Haa nadáakw kagwénayi
lunch Sitgawsáan atxaayí your lunch Sitgawsáan aa i atxaayí
snack Atxáax’i sáani my snack Ax atxaayíx’i sáani
glue Kaduls’íx’w át our glue Haa kaduls’íx’w ádi

Imperatives, Perfectives

Basic verb tóo- yéi sa-nei for S to put (several objects) into closed container  
Verb form Imperative English Audio
2d person singular Tóodei yéi nasné. Put it inside.
2d person plural Tóodei yéi naysané. You folks put it inside.
2d person singular Kunashí! Find it!
1st person singular A káx kuxwaashee. I found it.
2d person singular A káx keeyashee. You found it.
3rd person singular A káx koowashee. He/she found it.
1st person plural A káx kuwtuwashee. We found it.
2d person plural A káx kuyeeyshee. You all found it.
  Negative Perfective    
1st person singular Tlél a káx kuxwashee. I can’t find it.
1st person singular A káx kukkwaashée. I will find it.

Target dialog phrase

Tlingit English Audio
Ax yáanayi tóodei xwaatee wé ______. I put ______ in my backpack. (general object)
Ax yáanayi tóodei xwasi.een wé ______. I put ______ in my backpack. (container w/ liquid or contents)  
Ax yáanayi tóodei kaxwsitaan wé ______. I put ______ in my backpack. (skinny, stick-like object)  
Ax yáanayi tóodei yéi xwsinei wé ______. I put ______ in my backpack. (several objects)  

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