Audio Files: What Are You Eating? / What Did You Eat? Nouns

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “What are you eating/ What did you eat?.”

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English Tlingit Audio English Tlingit Audio
Noun     Noun    
Shákw Strawberryákw-Strawberry.mp3 Xáat xúxu Salmon meatáat-xhúxhu.mp3
Tléikw Berrieséikhw.mp3 Gáax’w Herring eggsáaxw.mp3
Kaháakw Salmon eggsáakw.mp3 Tsaa dleeyí Seal meatí.mp3
K’wánts Potatoesánts.mp3 Kanat’á Blueberryá.mp3
Tsaa eexí Seal oilí.mp3 Kaneegwál’ Berry/Salmon egg puddingál.mp3
Xákwl’i Soap berriesákwli.mp3 S’aaw Crab (Dungeness)
At  yoowáa x’éeshi Dry fisháa-xhéeshi.mp3 Sakwnéin Breadéin.mp3
Gáatl Pilot breadáatl.mp3  K’wát’  Eggát.mp3

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