Audio Files: Going places

These Tlingit language audio files accompany the Unit “Going Places.”

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Nouns and noun forms

English Tlingit Audio English Tlingit Audio
home neiléil.mp3 at home neilú/neilíú-neilée.mp3
school sgóon in school sgóonuú.mp3
town aan in town Aan yéeée.mp3
store hoon daakahídiídi.mp3 at the store hoon daakahídiwuídi-wú.mp3
library, post office x’úx’ daakahídiúx-daakahídi.mp3 at the library, PO x’úx’ daakahídiwuúx-daakahídi-wú.mp3
restaurant, cafeteria atxhá daakahídiá-daakahídi.mp3 at the restaurant atxá daakahídiwuá-daakahídi-wú.mp3
smoke house átx’aan hídiídi.mp3 at the smokehouse átx’aan hídiwuídi-wú.mp3
bank dáanaa daakahídiáanaa-daakahídi.mp3 at the bank dáanaa
church cháchách.mp3 at church chájiáchee.mp3

Target sentence patterns

English Tlingit Audio
Where is he going? Goodéi sá yaa nagút?  
He is going (to the)___________. ______-dei yaa nagút.  
Where are you going? Goodéi sá yaa neegút?éi-sá-yaanegút.mp3
I am going (to the) _________. _______-dei yaa nxagút.  
Where is ___________? Goosú ______________?  

TPR Commands

English Tlingit, singular
Audio Tlingit, plural Audio
Stand up. Gidaan.áan.mp3 Gaydanaakh.áakh.mp3
Sit down. Ghanú.ú.mp3 Ghaykhí.í.mp3
Sit on the floor. T’aakáx’ ghanú. T’aakáx’ ghaykhí.  
Point to the home picture. Neil yahaayí jéx’h.éil-yahaayí-jéhx.mp3 Neil yahaayí yich’íx’.éil-yahaayí-yijéhx.mp3
Face the church picture. Chách yahaayí dayéen aayáxh hán.ách-yahaayí-dayéen-aayáhx-hán.mp3 Chách yahaayí dayéen aayáxh yináakh.ách-yahaayí-dayéen-aayáhx-yináakh.mp3
Walk to the store. Hoon daakahídidéi nagú.ídi-déi-nagú.mp3 Hoon daakahídidéi nay.á.ídi-déi-nay.á.mp3
Stop. Tliyéix’.éix.mp3 Tliyéix’.éix.mp3
Go. Góok.óok.mp3 Góok.óok.mp3
Raise your hand. Kíndei i jín. Kíndei yee jín.
Hold it up. Kíndei galsháat. Kíndei gaylasháat.
Place it on your shoulder. I xhík sháx’ yantí.ík-sháx-yantí.mp3 Yí xhík sháx’ yán yi.tí.í-xhík-sháx-yán-yi.tí.mp3
Hold it so I can see it/ Show it to me. Áxh wákh shiyéex’ galsháat.Áhx-wáhk-shiyéex-galsháat.mp3 Áxh wákh shayéex’ gaylasháat.Áhx-wáhk-shayéex-gaylasháat.mp3