Audio Files: Going Places, Part 2

These Tlingit language audio files accompany the Unit “Going places part 2.”

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Target sentence patternsTPR commandsMore sentences

Nouns and noun forms

English Tlingit Audio English Tlingit Audio
his boat Du yáagu on his boat Du yaagú yígu
swimming pool ash kudat’ájaa daakahídi      

Target sentence patterns

English Tlingit Audio
Where did he go? [friendly tone] Goodéi sá woogoot?  
Where did he go? [irritated, angry sounding] Ha goodéi sáyá woogoot?  
He went to the _____ ______-dei woogoot.  
He went to the store. Hoon daakahídidéi woogoot
Where did they go? Goodéi sá has woo.aat?  
They went to the ______ ________ -dei has woo.aat.  
They went to the store. Hoon daakahídidéi  has woo.aat.
Where did you all go? Goodéi sá yeey.aat?  
We went to the _____ _______-dei wutuwa.aat.  
Where did you go? Goodéi sá yeegoot?  
I went to the _____ _______-dei xwaagoot.  
I went to the store. Hoon daakahídidéi xwaagoot.

TPR commands

English Tlingit Audio
Go by _____ ___ xándei nagú.  
Go by Nancy. Nancy xándei nagú.
Pick two Déix aax gala.á
Toss (throw) them. T’aakát lít
Lisa and Jill go by Nancy. (Lisa ka Jill), (Nancy) xándei nay.á.
Everyone go back to your chair and sit down. Ldakát yeewhaan, yee kaa yagijeidídei nay.á, akaa gaykí

 More sentences

English Tlingit Audio
Did Jeff go to the store? (Hoon daakahídidéi) gé woogoot (Jeff)?
No Jeff did not go to the store. Tléik’, tlél hoon daakahídidéi woogoot Jeff
Did Lisa and Jill go to the bank? (Dáanaa daakahídidéi) gé has woo.aat (Lisa ka Jill)?
No Peter and Paul did not go to the bank. Tléik’, tlél dáanaa daakahídidéi has woo.aat Peter ka Paul
Did your father go to the post office? X’úx’ daakahídidéi gé woogoot i éesh?
He went down to his boat to check on it Du yáagu kikándei woogoot
She went to the Youth Center Youth Centerdéi woogoot
Let’s go swimming. Ash koodat’ách’aa naxtoo.aat.