Audio Files: Hand Washing

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “Hand Washing.”

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Verb forms for ya.-oos’

English Tlingit Audio
I am washing Xa.ús’k
You are washing Ee.ús’k
He is washing A.ús’k
We are washing Too.ús’k
You all are washing Yi.ús’k
They are washing Has a.ús’k
Someone is washing Du.ús’kúsk.mp3
Wash it [command] Na.óos’
You all wash it [command] Nay.óos’

Noun phrases

English Tlingit Audio
my hands Ax jín
your hands I jín
her hands Du jín
our hands Haa jín
you folks’ hands Yee jín
their hands Has du jínín.mp3


English Tlingit Audio English Tlingit Audio
boy Yadak’átsk’u boys K’isáani
girl Shaatk’átsk’u girls Sháax’wsáani
hands Jín hand towel Jigwéinaa
water Héen soap Ús’aa

Target unit phrases

English Tlingit Audio
Wash your hands! I jín na.óos’!
You all wash your hands! Yee jín nay.óos’!ín-nay.óos.mp3
I am washing my hands. Ax jín xa.ús’k.
Are you washing your hands? I jín gé ee.ús’k?
She is washing her hands. Du jín a.ús’k.
We are washing our hands. Haa jín too.ús’k.
Are you all washing your hands? Yee jín gé yi.ús’k?
They are washing their hands. Has du jín has a.ús’k.
(Someone) is washing their hands. Jín du.ús’k.