Audio Files: Weaving. Verbs and Verb-Forms

These Tlingit language audio files accompany the Unit “Weaving”. Below are examples of Verb “forms.”

Select “nouns”  from Nouns and Noun Forms to fill in the blanks.

Verbs and Verb Forms

English Tlingit  
I need help. Ax éet idashí.éet-idashí1.mp3
Can I help you I éet kwashekadashee?éet-kwshe-khadashee.mp3
S/he needs help. Dashee eetéenáx yatee.í-eetéenáx-yatee.mp3
Help us Haa eet idishíéet-idashí.mp3
Do they need help? Dashee eetéenáx gé has yatee?í-eetéenáxh-gé-has-yatee.mp3
I need ____. _____ eetéenáx xat yatee.éenáx-xhat-yatee.mp3
You need ___ ___ eetéenáx iyatee.éenáxh-iyatee.mp3
s/he needs ___. ____ eetéenáx yatee.éenáxh-yatee.mp3
We need ___. ____ eetéenáx haa yatee.éenáx-haa-yatee.mp3
They need ___. ____ eetéenáx has yatee.éenáxh-has-yatee.mp3
I am weaving. Xada.áak.áak.mp3
You are weaving. Ida.áak.áak.mp3
s/he is weaving. Da.áak.áak.mp3
We are weaving. Tuda.áak.áak.mp3
They are weaving. Has da.áak.áak.mp3

Other helpful verbs:

English Tlingit  
To twist a root Kanaltool
Get it wet Latl’ák’ák.mp3
It’s too dry kútx uwaxúkútxh-uwaxúk.mp3

Other helpful verbs: “to weave” future, optional

English Tlingit  
I am going to weave kkwada.áakáak.mp3
You are going to weave gagida.áakáak.mp3
S/he is going to weave guxda.áakáak.mp3
We are going to weave gaxtuda.áakáak.mp3
They are going to weave Has Guxda.áakáak.mp3

Target Sentence Pattern:

English Tlingit  
What is that?  Daa sáwé?áwé.mp3
What is this? Daa sáyá?áyá.mp3
Gunaak’w needs help Gunaak’w eet idishíí.mp3
Gunaak’w needs scissors Kaashaxáshaa eetináx yatee Gunaak’wáshaa-eetéenáx-yatee-gunaakw.mp3
Gunaak’w is weaving. Gunaak’w da.áakáak.mp3

Nouns and Noun Forms