Tlingit Language Phone App

We proudly present to you, our first ever Tlingit Language phone application!

This free-to-use app is sponsored and hosted by Goldbelt Corporation and Goldbelt Heritage Foundation.
Goldbelt Heritage Foundation has worked directly with many Tlingit speakers over the years and now has come to their latest works providing Tlingit language “on-the-go,” so culture may be taught via your iPhone/iPad or Android/Tablet. 



Tlingit Language APP 3

Gunalchéesh to our Tlingit speakers:

♦ Ethel Makinen
♦ Anita Lafferty
♦ Genevieve Cook
♦ Genevieve Johnson
♦ Ruth Demmert
♦ Florence Sheakley
♦ Selina Everson
♦ Fred White 


How this app works:
Tlingit Language APP 2


It is very simple to use and ideal for anyone interested in learning or practicing the Tlingit language. 

You simply click on a word or phrase and the Tlingit translation plays for you to hear. 

This is great for visualizing the word/phrase, practicing the proper sounds out loud and for quizzing yourself.