Elders, Educators, Partners

We thank and honor the fluent Tlingit elders, educators and partners who work(ed) with us to develop the Tlingit language and other culturally relevant units on our website.

Our Precious Elders
Haa xh’atulitseení Léek’wu has (Our Precious Elders) are treasured for their wisdom, experience, and connections to the past.  We want to extend our Kaawadláan haa shtugháadatí (Our Deepest Gratitude) to them for their guidance to help us document our history, to mentor new Tlingit language speakers, and to create culturally-responsive educational programs for our children and youth.

Fluent Tlingit Elders and Tradition Bearers

Lillian Austin, Yaxdulak Genevieve Cook, Deiwjee Ruth Demmert, Kaanák
Lena Farkas, Ách Kwéi Nellie Lord, Daasdiyaa Anita Lafferty, Sakaayí
Helen Sarabia, Kaachkoo.aakw David Katzeek, Kingeisti Bea Brown
Nora Marks Dauenhauer Florence Marks Sheakley Irene Cadiente
Margaret Dutson Bill Fawcett Flora Huntington
Diane Church Carol Brady Cyril George
Ed Kunz Percy Kunz John Martin
Carolyn Martin Alfred McKinley Marie Olsen
June Pegues Walter Soboleff Ethel Makinen

Tlingit Language Teachers, Cultural Specialists and Partners

Amanda Bremner,  X’oos Geik Jessica Chester, SeiGóot Mary Folletti, Daaljíni
Marsha Hotch, Guneiwtí Daphne Wright, K’ashGé Virginia Oliver,  Xwaan Lein
We are at a crossroad; fluent speakers are helping develop new ways of teaching the language.

Web Audio production and content: Fred White, Gunaak’w

“Thank you Southeast Alaska Tlingit Language Teachers, Cultural Specialists, Community Members and Educators who have helped develop resources and teach with us.”