Audio Files: Berry Picking. Nouns, Verbs

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “Berry Picking.”

Nouns, Verbs

English Tlingit Audio English Tlingit Audio
Nouns     Verbs    
Gray currant Shaax I am picking Kuxwak’éet’éet.mp3
Strawberry Shákwákw.mp3 You are picking Keek’éet’éet.mp3
Salmonberry Was’x’aan tléiguéighu.mp3 S/he is picking Kuk’éet’éet.mp3
Berries Tléikwéikhw.mp3 I picked Kuxwaak’ít’ít.mp3
Blueberry Kanat’áá.mp3 You picked Keeyak’ít’ít.mp3
High bush cranberry Kaxwéixéixh.mp3 S/he picked Koowak’ít’ít.mp3

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