Audio Files: My Body Hurts. TPR phrases

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “My Body Hurts.” Below are TPR (Total Physical Response) phrases for classroom management and review of nouns.

TPR Phrases – for classroom management and review of nouns

English Plural Command Singular Command
  (You all) _________ (You) __________
English Tlingit Audio
You all stand up Gaydanaak / Geeydanaak
Stand up Gidaan/gidaháanáan1.mp3
You all sit down Gaykí/geeykíí1.mp3
Sit down Ganúú1.mp3
You all touch your head Yee sháat yiyshíáat-yiyshí.1.mp3
Touch your head I sháat shíáat-shí.1.mp3
You all touch his/her head Du sháat yiyshíáat-yiyshí1.mp3
You all say “my head” Ax shá yóo yanaykáá-yóo-yanaykhá1.mp3
Say “my head” Wa.é ax shá yóo yanakáé-axh-shá-yóo-yanakhá1.mp3
You all sit still Tliyéix’ gaykí/geeykíéix-ghaykhí-gheeykhí.mp3
You sit still Tliyéi ganúéi-ghanú1.mp3
You all stand still Tliyéix’ yan yináakéix-yan-yinákh.mp3
You all sit in a circle Woosh duwagigin gaykí/geeykíí-gheeykhí.mp3
From there to here stand up Yoodáx ka yaadé gaydanaak / geeydanaakáxh-khá-yaadé-ghaydanaakh-gheeydanaakh1.mp3
From there to here, sit down Yoodáx ka yaadé gaykí / geeykíáxh-khá-yaadé-ghaykhí-gheeykhí1.mp3
You all point to the picture of the man’s head Yóo káa shá yahaayí at yich’íxóo-kháa-shá-yahaayi-at-yichíxh.mp3
Point to the picture of the man’s head At ch’íx’, wé káa shá yahaayí
You all drive near the picture of the man’s head Káa shá yahaayí xánde niykooxáa-yahaayí-shá-xhánde-naykhooxh.mp3
You all point the flashlight at the man’s ear Wé s’eenáa wé káa gúkt x‘eeysháté-seenáa-wé-kháa-gúkt-xheeyshát.mp3
Point the flashlight at the man’s ear Wé séenáa wé káa gúkt x‘asháté-séenáa-wé-kháa-gúkt-xhashát.mp3
You all hold the ball between your knees Yee keey x‘aakx’ gaylashaat / geeylashaat wé kooch’éet’aaé-koochéitaa.mp3

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