Audio Files: The Things We Eat

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “The things we eat.”

Target sentence patterns

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English Tlingit Audio English Tlingit Audio
Strawberry Shákwákw.mp3 Boiled salmon Xáat útlxi  
Berries Tléikwéikhw.mp3 Rice Kóox  
Salmon eggs Kaháakwáakw.mp3 Herring eggs Gáax’wáaxw.mp3
Potatoes* K’wántsánts.mp3 Seal meat Tsaa dleeyíí.mp3
Seal oil Tsaa eexíí.mp3 Blueberries Kanat’áá.mp3
Soap berries Xákwl’iákwli.mp3 Berry pudding Kaneegwál’ál.mp3
Dry fish At yoowáa x’éeshiáa-xhéeshi.mp3 Crab (Dungeness) S’aaw
Pilot bread Gáatláatl.mp3 Bread Sakwnéinéin.mp3
Egg K’wát’át.mp3 Deer meat Guwakaan dleeyí  
Fry bread Eex kát sakwnéin        

* It is important to note there is variation in pronunciation among speakers. For example, Klukwan speakers say k’wánts, and others say k’únts.

Target sentence patterns

English Tlingit Audio
Eat. Xáá-singular.mp3
You all eat. yixáá-plural.mp3
What are you eating? Dáa sá eexá?áa-sá-eexhá.mp3
I am eating _______. ______ xaxá.á..mp3