Audio Files: Forest Creatures. Standing, Looking, Chasing

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “Forest creatures.”

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Target sentence patterns, standing, hán

English Tlingit Audio
It is standing. Hán.
Where is it standing? Goox’ sá hán?
It is standing on a branch. Sheey kát hán.
It is standing under a tree. Aas tayeex’ hán.
It is standing in the grass. Chookán xoot hán.
It is standing on the beach. Eekt hán.
Stand! (one person) Gidaan!
Stand! (all) Gaydanaak!
(You) Don’t stand Tlél eehánik!
(You all) Don’t stand Tlél yeenágik!
Is it standing? Hán gé?

Target sentence patterns, to look/see, tín, teen return to top

English Tlingit Audio
It’s looking Ayatéen.
What is s/he, it looking at? Daa sá ayatéen?
s/he/it is looking at a squirrel. kanals’aak ayatéen.
Look at it! Latín
It doesn’t see the squirrel. Tlél kanals’aak ooteen

Target sentence patterns, chasing, yaa anasnák return to top

English Tlingit Audio
It is chasing Yaa ayanasnák.
It is chasing it. Yaa atyanasnák.
It is chasing a squirrel. kanals’aak yaa ayanasnák.
Is it chasing a squirrel? kanals’aak gé yaa ayanasnák?
It is not chasing a squirrel. Tlél kanals’aak yaa ayanasnak.
It is not chasing it. Tlél yaa ayanasnák.
Why is he chasing him/it? Waayís sáwé yaa ayanasnák?
It is chasing it for food Du atxaayí yís yaa ayanasnák.
It’s playing Aan ashkoolyét.
Is it for play? Aan ashkoolyét yís gé?
He wants to eat him, which is why he is chasing him. Du toowáa sigóo awuxaayí, ách áwé yaa ayanasnák.
He likes to chase it, in play Du toowáa sigóo yaa ayanasnághi, ashkoolyét áwé.
They are chasing for play. Has ashkoolyét yís yaa ayanasnák.