Audio Files: Learning How to Learn

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “Learning How to Learn.”


English Tlingit Audio
She/he is reading datóow
She/he is writing kashxeet
to count nastoow
I read it. I counted it. xwaatóow
spelling yoo x’atánk kashxeet


English Tlingit Audio
books x´úx´´ux´-books.mp3
books x´úx´ku geiyee
story shkalneek
words yoo x´atánk


English Tlingit Audio
What are you doing? Daa sá yéi daa.eené?
I am reading a _____. X’úx´ _____ yéi daaxaané.´ux´_-yei-da-xa-ne-I-am-reading-a-_.mp3
What is it about? Daasá daat sáwé?
It is a ____ ____ daat at áwé
What is in it? Daasá a too yei yatee?
___ about the ______ _____  _____ a too yei yatee
Do you write? Kashxéet gé yei daa i né?
___ I write Aaá kashxéet yei daa xa né
Count the number of books. Nastoow wé x´úx´´ux´-Count-the-number-of-books.mp3
I counted the _____ Xwaatoow wé _____
Do you know how to spell words? Yoo x’atánk kashxeet gé
Yes, I know how to spell _____. ____  _____ xhashigóok.
What is it about? Daasá daat sáwé?