Audio Files: Weather

These Tlingit language audio files are used in all the lessons and activities in the Unit “Weather.”

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English Tlingit Audio
It is raining.
It rained
Séew daak
It is misty/fine rain.
It was fine rain
Kaséixjaa daak
It is snowing.
It snowed
Dleit daak wusitán
It is stormy.
It was stormy
It is cloudy Kuligóosʼ
It is warm Kuwatʼáa
It is fine [weather] Kuyakʼéi.
English Tlingit Audio
It is sunny.
It was sunny
Awdigaan  ItWasSunny
It was cold Kuwsi.áatʼ ItWsCold
It is foggy.
It was foggy
Kuwdigwásʼ  WsFoggy
It was warm Koowatʼáa  WsWarm
It will be sunny Yei aguxdagáan It will be sunny
It will be cold Kei Kuguxsa.áatʼ It will be cold
It will be cloudy Kei Kuguxlagóosʼ
It will be cloudy

 Verb Phrases

English Tlingit Audio
Today it is sunny. Yáa yagiyee awdigaan.
Tomorrow, it will rain. Seigán séew daak guxsatáan.

Sentence Patterns

English Tlingit Audio
You all turn and face the picture of (blank). (Blank) yahaayí yóo áa yax yinaak.
You turn and face the picture of (blank). (Blank) yahaayí dayéen áa yax hán.
Yesterday it was (blank). Tatgé, (blank).
Today it is (blank). Yáa yagiyee (blank).
Tomorrow, perhaps it will be (blank). Seigán, (blank) shákdé.
How many days have been rainy? Xʼoon yagyiyee sáyá séew daak wusitán?
How many days have been sunny? Xʼoon yagiyee sáyá awdigaan?
How many days have been cloudy? Xʼoon yagiyee sáyá kuligóosʼ?


English Tlingit Audio
sun gagaan
rainbow kichx.anagaak
cloud góosʼ
thunder xeitl
picture yahaayí
yesterday tatgé
today yáa yagiyee
probably, maybe, perhaps gwál
perhaps, probably shákdé
hat sʼáaxw
scarf sadaa.át
umbrella kéi dakinji sʼáaxw
coat kinaak.át
snow pants táakw tukatáali
gloves tsáaxʼ
shoes téel
vest l.uljíni
blanket xʼóow
bag gwéil

Questions & Answers, Game Phrases

English Tlingit Audio
Itʼs all gone. Hóochʼ.
Sit down (singular). Ganú.
Sit down (plural). Gaykí.
How are you? Wáa sá iyatee?
How are you all?
I am cold. Xat seiwa.átʼ.
I am wet. Xat wuditlʼákʼ.
I am warm. Xat uwatʼáa.
Howʼs the weather? Wáa sá kuwatee?
What is this? Daa sáyá?
This is (blank). (Blank) áyá.
That is (blank). (Blank) áwé.
Poor you. Eesháan.
Who will win it? Aadóoch sá yakgwadláak?
I won it. Yaxwaadlaak.
S/he she won it. Ayaawadlaak.
That is good. Yakʼéi áwé.
Oh wow! Ax adée!
Your thinking (memory) I tundatáani
Is that a pair? Wooch udiyaa gé?
Yes. Aaá.
No. Tléikʼ.
Turn over the paper. Yóo áa yax tí wé xʼúxʼ.
Your turn. Wa.é deiskʼ.
Go! Góok!
What does he/she need? Daat eetéenáx sá yatee?
She needs (blank). (Blank) eetéenáx yatee.
Do you need (blank)? (Blank) eetéenáx gé iyatee?
You need (blank). (Blank) eetéenáx iyatee.
I need (blank). (Blank) eetéenáx xat yatee.
Look for it (singular). Aagáa kunashí.
Look for it (plural). Aagáa kunayshí.