Audio Files: What Do You Have?

These Tlingit language audio files are used in the lessons and activities in the Unit “What do you have?”

Target sentence patterns

English Tlingit Audio
What do you want? Daa sá i tuwáa sigóo?á-i-tuwáa-sigóo.mp3
I want a/an [noun)]. [noun] ax tuwáa sigóo.  
I  want a bone. S’aakh  axh tuwáa sigóoáa-sigóo.mp3
What do you have? Daa sá i jeewú?á-i-jeewú.mp3
Do you have a/an [noun]? [noun] gé I jeewú?  
Do you have a bag? Gwéil gé i jeewúéil-gé-i-jeewú.mp3
Yes, I have a/an [noun]. Aaá, [noun] ax jeewú.  
Yes, I have a pencil. Aaá, kooxéedaa ax jeewú.á-kooxéedaa-axh-jeewú.mp3
No, I don’t have a/an [noun]. Tléik’, tlél [noun] ax jee.  
No, I don’t have a basketball. Tléik’, tlél kooch’éit’aa axh jee.éik-tlél-koochéitaa-axh-jee.mp3
What do I have? Daa sá axh jeewú?á-axh-jeewú.mp3
Do I have a/an [noun]? [noun] gé ax jeewú?  
Do I have a pencil? kooxéedaa gé ax jeewú?éedaa-gé-axh-jeewú.mp3
Yes, you have a/an [noun]. Aaá, [noun] I jeewú.  
Yes, you have shoes. Aaá téel i jeewú.á-téel-i-jeewú.mp3
Yes, you have it. Aaá, i jeewú.á-i-jeewú.mp3
No, you don’t have a/an [noun]. Tléik’, tlél [noun] I jee.  
No, you don’t have paper. Tléik’, tlél x’ux’ i jee.éik-tlél-xúx-i-jee.mp3
What does s/he have? Daa sá du jeewú?á-du-jeewú.mp3
Does s/he have a/an [noun]? [noun] gé du jeewú?  
Does s/he have a bag? Gwéil gé du jeewú?éil-gé-du-jeewú.mp3
Yes, s/he has a/an [noun]. Aaá, [noun] du jeewú.  
Yes, s/he has a bone. Aaá, s’aakh du jeewú.á-saakh-du-jeewú.mp3
No, s/he doesn’t have a/an [noun]. Tléik’, tlél [noun] du jee.  
No, s/he doesn’t have money. Tléik’, tlél dáanaa du jee.éiktlél-dáanaa-du-jee.mp3