GHF Receives $75,000 Language Preservation Grant

GHF is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant in the amount of $75,000 from the First Nations Development Institute of Longmont, Colorado. This award will aid GHF’s efforts to revitalize and preserve the Tlingit language.

“Currently, there are only 250 fluent Tlingit speakers living today,” said Desiree Jackson, GHF’s Executive Director. “In order to ensure that Tlingit does not become another lost Indigenous language, developing new curriculum and teaching methods are a priority for Goldbelt Heritage.”

The grant will support the “Haa Yóo X̱’atángi Haa Ḵusteeyíx̱ Sitee!-Our Language is Our Way of Life!”” project which is aimed to increase the Tlingit language fluency of high school students. Through a master-apprentice model, the skills and knowledge of Tlingit Elders will be leveraged through technology.

“This project will create three new innovative seasonal curriculum units,” continued Jackson. “We look forward to launching the curriculum developed from this grant to Tlingit language educators and learners throughout Southeast Alaska and beyond.

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