Middle School

Tlingit Language Units

What Did You Catch?

What Do You Have?



Sea Day

Respect for the Tlingit Land

Let’s Go to The River

Learning How to Learn

Flying Things—Birds

Forest Creatures

Basketball Lessons

Language Arts & Oral Narratives

White Raven and Water: A Play

The Strength in Our Knowledge

The Tree People

Tlingit Oratory

Tlingit Biography

Salmon House

Real-Life Challenges

Raven that Flew into the Whale 2

Raven that Flew Into the Whale 1

Raven, King Salmon, and the Birds

Raven Cooks the King Salmon

Raven & Petrel’s Water


The Man Who Ordered the Tide

Hold Each Other Up

Frog Sitting in the Sun Dog Aura

Family Member Interview Activity

Dzantik’I Heeni: A Brief History

Change in My World

Alive in the Eddy

Alaska Native Youth Olympics


Financial Literacy in Tlingit Country

Bentwood Box Math

Science & Nature


Harvest Ecology

Social Studies

Ethnography: Digital Stories of Tlingit Life

Why is ANCSA Significant to Our Culture, Our Land, and Our State?

The History of ANB/ANS

Subsistence & Foods

Wild Rice Chocolate Lilly

Wild Celery


Food From the Land—Sitka Black-tailed Deer

Black Seaweed

Beach Asparagus

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