Higher Education Scholarships

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2021-22 academic year. 

The next application period will open in February 2022.


Goldbelt Heritage Foundation congratulates you on the pursuit of your educational endeavors. Thank you for your interest in our scholarship program. Be certain to include all required documentation with your scholarship application.

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Be a Goldbelt, Inc. shareholder or descendant
  • Attending an accredited program
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Submit completed application by the May 31, 2021 application date.

For additional information call 907.790.1460 or email GHF@goldbelt.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you accept applications from non-shareholders or shareholder descendants?

A:  No, we can only accept applications from Goldbelt shareholders and shareholder descendants. 

Q:  If I am a “returning” student, do I have to write another essay?

A:  Yes, we require you to do all tasks that are listed on the application form – every year. 

Q:  How much is the scholarship worth?

A:  The scholarship amount depends on various factors: (A) the amount that is allocated towards the scholarship fund, and (B) the amount of applicants we receive.  The math behind it is simplified as A divided by B = (C) amount per approved applicant for an academic school year. 

Q:  I received a scholarship from Goldbelt three years ago. Am I considered a “returning” student?

A:  Yes, you would be considered a returning student.  You will still need to complete all tasks that are listed on the application form. 

Q:  I will not be attending university this Fall, but I will be attending in the Spring.  What is the deadline for applying?

A:  There is only one deadline and it is for ALL students applying for a scholarship.  This includes students who will only be attending school in the Spring (or for only one semester/quarter). 

Q:  I will only be going to school part-time.  Do I qualify for this scholarship?  

A:  Goldbelt funds part-time students, as well as full-time students.  Of course, you will still need to meet all eligibility requirements. 

Q:  The school I will be attending is not yet accredited. Will I still be able to receive a Goldbelt scholarship?

A:  No, the school you are applying for and attending must be accredited in order to receive a Goldbelt scholarship.

Q:  Where do you send my scholarship check?  

A:  Checks are sent directly to the Financial Aid Department of the accredited school you are attending.

Q:  Do I receive all of the scholarship at once?  

A:  No, scholarship funds will be sent in two disbursements.  One check in the Fall equaling half of your scholarship (50%) and the second check in the Spring equaling the remainder of your scholarship (50%). 



  • Turn in your application by the deadline that is posted on our website.
  • Check the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation – Scholarship Page of our website frequently to be aware of updates, new applications, new deadlines, etc.
  • Follow us on Facebook! We post scholarship-related posts as dates near and updates are made. This is a great way to be reminded in this technology era. 
  • Never hesitate to contact us with questions.  Email works best. 
  • Turn in a COMPLETED application, including all items in the checklist:
    • Copy of shareholder descendant’s birth certificate indicating Goldbelt shareholder descendancy, if the applicant is not a Goldbelt shareholder;
    • Official Transcripts with GPA from last school attended. These need to be originals with either a school seal or a school administrator’s original signature;
    • Letter of Admission from your school or proof of current enrollment. Schools must be accredited;
    • Essay describing your educational objectives and career goals: must be at least one page in length (12 pt. font, single spaced, Times New Roman)