Youth Ambassadors

Agenda: Indigenous Youth Ambassadors, Alaska Native Studies 2018 Conference


The Indigenous Youth Ambassadors is a council created to encourage and promote leadership

development, learning through mentorship and peer support for youth. The Indigenous Youth

Ambassadors participate in service-learning with volunteers, professionals, Elders and

community members to assist with professional and educational development opportunities,

college readiness and community support.


Indigenous Youth Ambassadors engage in meetings, events, activities, programs, and benefit by

learning, serving and engaging with a wide variety of people in public venues, classrooms,

and in the field.

Indigenous Youth Ambassadors will represent the GHF and youth council publicly, meet new friends and

family, and learn valuable meeting, work, and school related skills that will assist with

achieving new education, career and life goals. “Ée ix axahéen”, or “I believe in you”.







Youth Ambassador Activities

– Youth Executive Council

– Leadership development

– Learning with mentors

– Peer support for youth

– Weekly/Monthly Activities

– Access to programs/events

– Volunteer opportunities

– Career development planning

– Education planning

– Cultural classes

– Service-learning opportunities

– Elders/Youth Family Nights


How to Join Youth Ambassadors:

Complete the application materials provided by GHF staff or Student Representatives.

Provide necessary information and identification for contact (email, phone, mailing address, SSN).

Respect the GHF rules and Youth Ambassadors policies, and participate in meetings, activities, events and programs.

Encourage other youth to join!

– Youth Ambassadors Application

– Photo Release Form

– W-9 Form