Arts & Language

Goldbelt Heritage promotes and sponsors a variety of arts, language, and food harvesting programs that seek to preserve Native culture through education, participation, and artist support.

Projects are supported through granting funding and generous sponsor donations.

Past Projects Include:

Cultural Arts

GHF has brought together more than 4,500 people through the commission of totem poles, house screens, posts, and box drums.

Formline Design

GHF has developed and taught formline design to over 500 students seeking to learn this traditional art form.

Elder Herring Egg Giveaway

During herring season, GHF staff and volunteers organized a herring egg giveaway so elders could enjoy this traditional food.

Alaska Natives & Youth Conference

GHF hosts and sponsors forums and conferences to help educate, promote, and advocate for Alaska Native education and culture.

Tlingit Language Revitilization

Currently there are only 250 fully fluent Tlingit language speakers – all over the age of 70. To ensure that Tlingit doesn’t become a lost Indigenous language, GHF has set the goal to develop 3,000 fluent Tlingit speakers by 2050.

To support this effort, GHF:

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