Intern Program

In 2022, GHF’s Youth Ambassador program was reimagined and relaunched as the Aan Yatx’u Saani Cultural Internship program for high school students. This is a paid internship experience where participants in the program experience in a variety of activities that include Tlingit language and traditional knowledge learning, leadership training, college readiness seminars, and other educational development opportunities.

The program was created to encourage and promote leadership development and learning through mentorship and peer support.

Cultural Interns are paid $15.00 per hour for up to 10 hours per week during the school year and up to 35 hours per week in the summer.

Cultural Interns engage in meetings, events, activities, programs, and benefit through learning, serving and engaging with a wide variety of people in public venues, classes, and in the field.

Cultural Interns will serve as youth representatives of GHF. During their internships they will meet new friends, participate in Tlingit language and cultural learning, gain valuable meeting, work, and school related skills that will assist with achieving new education, career, and life goals.

Cultural Interns will participate in a variety of activities that can include:

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