Higher Education

Since the program was relaunched in 2001, approximately 800 shareholders and descendants have been awarded more than $2.1 million in scholarship funding.

Scholarship amounts depend on total amount of funds allocated to
the scholarship fund each year and the number of student’s applying.

Eligibility Guidelines:

The application period for the 2022-23 academic year is January 31-April 15, 2022A complete application must include:

Apply for a Higher Education Scholarship on the MyGoldbelt Portal. If not registered, you must do so in order to complete an application.

Please note that only electronic applications completed in full will be eligible for funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do you accept applications from non-shareholders or shareholder descendants?
No. Only Goldbelt shareholders and shareholder descendants are eligible to apply
Question:  I will only be going to school part-time. Do I qualify for this scholarship?
Yes. However, part time students receive half the amount of the full-time allocation.
Question:  Do I receive the full scholarship amount at one time?
No, we send your scholarship fund in two disbursements. One check in the Fall equaling half of your scholarship (50%) and the second check in the Spring equaling the remainder of your scholarship (50%).
Question:  What is the amount of the scholarship?
The scholarship amount varies each year as the amount depends on how many students apply and how much funding is allocated by Goldbelt, Inc. who funds the program.
Question:  How will my scholarship be paid?
A check will be sent directly to your school’s Financial Aid Department. Funding cannot be sent directly to students.
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