The Non-Degree Scholarship program was established in 2021 by Goldbelt, Inc.’s Board of Directors to support shareholders who are not seeking higher education degrees or certifications, but instead wish to take classes or courses that will further their personal and professional development. Examples of course and programs that qualify for funding include
Applicants may apply as many times as desired so long as they do not receive more than $500 per award year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do you accept applications from non-shareholders or shareholder descendants?
No, only Goldbelt shareholders are eligible to apply for a non-degree scholarship.

Question:  How do I apply for this scholarship?
You can submit an application through the portal.

Question:  Can I use the funds for travel and other expenses other than the class registration fees?
No, scholarship funds can only be used to cover the registration or tuition fee for your class.

Question:  Can I use the non-degree scholarship for more than one class?
Yes, you can use it for as many classes as you wish. However, scholarship awards will not exceed $500 per year, per shareholder.

Question:  How will my scholarship be paid?
Scholarship payments will be paid either directly the organization hosting the class, or if already paid can be reimbursed.  You must complete an application and provide all required supporting documents and receipts in order for payment to be made. 

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