Youth Extracurricular

The Youth Extracurricular Scholarship (YES) program was established in 2021 by the Goldbelt, Incorporated Board of Directors to support Goldbelt shareholders age three to 12th grade pursuing extracurricular activities.

Examples of the types of extracurricular activities that quality for the YES scholarship include:

The scholarship payment from the Goldbelt Tináa Distributions Trust up to the amount of $400 is to be made directly to the extracurricular program or to the shareholder’s guardian as a reimbursed expense with provided receipts.  Applicants may apply as many times as desired as long as they do not receive more than $400 total per award year.

Applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year until the YES scholarship budget is expended, as funding is limited. This scholarship program is managed by Goldbelt, Inc.

For questions, contact Goldbelt’s Shareholder Services Department at (907) 790-4990.

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